WILD BUFF BBQ - Grilled Volcano Potatos

Volcano Potato is kind of like a twice baked potato but more wild and fun and we grill ours. Just add some of your favorite baked potato toppings wrapped those puppies in bacon, coated in WILD BUFF barbecue sauce, with a creamy “lava” sauce drizzled on top of some melted cheese, green onions and BOOM will have an eruption of flavor with these delicious Volcano Potatoes.

Remember its just cooking and this is a fun twist on your regular (boring) baked potato. WILD BUFF likes to experiment and give our WILD twist on some classics and new recipes. With this we try to take it to another level by firing them up on the pellet grill. Of course these can be done in the oven, charcoal or gas grill. However this adds a smoky taste to the appetizer that perfectly complements the bacon meat and melted cheddar cheese. But use what you got and have fun with it! 

Follow these simple steps as your guide - feel free to be creative with your ingredients and ENJOY! 

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